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Motorcycle Theory Test

The Motorcycle Test is made up of four main parts, each aspect is aimed at ensuring you are fully competent and will be safe when on the roads.  The Process is as follows: 

    • Compulsory Basic Training
    • Motorcycle Theory Test
    • Module 1 Practical Test
    • Module 2 Practical Test

Your theory test can be taken anytime after your 16th Birthday and you will need a valid provisional driving licence to book your test.  You can take your theory test before taking your CBT if you wish but you may find it easier to pass if you have undertaken the CBT first.  The theory test can be booked online or by calling the DSA booking line. 

The actual motorcycle theory test is simply a way of ensuring that you will be safe on the road, the motorcycle theory test is slightly different than the usual car theory test.  Although the process is similar, many of the questions will be aimed a situations that you may encounter as a motorcyclist.

You will still be asked a total of 50 multiple choice questions which you will complete in a designated test centre, these questions will be on a range of different driving subjects and all are equally important.  In total you must answer a minimum of 43 questions correctly, you will be given a maximum of 57 minutes to conduct the exam.  You are able to move between questions, so if you are unsure of any, you can flag them and return to them at the end of the test, this will give you that extra time to answer all of the questions you know without being stuck on the first question. 

Once you have completed the multiple choice questions you must then undertake a Hazard Perception Test.  This will involve watching short video clips and to observe any hazards that may appear, they will be broadly the same as the hazard perception test for a car, you will be judged on how quickly you respond and how accurate you have been in identifying the hazards.  The maximum mark you can be given is 75, and you will require a minimum score of 45 to successfully pass. 

Once you have completed both parts of the test you are free to leave the examination room and you can now relax.  Upon leaving the room, a test supervisor will run through some general information and your answers will be reviewed and a printed result will be handed to you, you can therefore instantly see if you have passed the exam.  If you have been successful you now have a period of 2 years to pass both Module 1 and Module 2 of your Motorcycle Practical Test., otherwise you will need to re-sit the theory test.

Many people make the mistake of buying a revision book which relates to the car driving theory test and assume it will be the same as for a motorcycle.  Although many of the questions will be the same, there will be a large proportion which will be aimed at you as a biker and you need to learn the variations in these questions.

If you have unfortunately not hit the required pass mark, don’t worry, you can simply book a new appointment and take the test again, this time you will know what to expect and shouldn’t have some of the worries and concerns you had the first time around.



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