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Direct Access


Unlike the car driving test, the motorcycle test has a number of different options which you can select depending on the type of motorcycle you are comfortable riding and the type of motorcycle you want to ride in the immediate future.

From the age of 17 you are able to undertake your practical motorcycle test, allowing you to throw away your L Plates and be able to ride freely on the public highway. At the age of 17 to 21 years of age you must take your test on a motorcycle of no more than 33bhp or have an output not exceeding 25kw. In real terms this is mainly restricted to a motorcycle of 125cc and below. If you fall within this bracket you are restricted to ride a motorcycle of this size until you are 21 and must have had your reduced license for at least 2 years prior to turning 21 to ride a larger motorcycle. After you have been riding for 2 years and reach the age of 21 your restriction is lifted and you are free to ride any size of motorcycle.

If you are 21 or over you are fortunate to have the option to undertake 2 types of test. You are able to undertake your test on a motorcycle of 25kw or alternatively take your test on a motorcycle exceeding 35kw.

If you choose to take your test on a motorcycle of 25kw or less you will be restricted to a bike of this size for a period of two years to allow you to build up your confidence and capability before opting for a larger more powerful bike. After the 2 years has passed you are then able to ride a motorcycle of any size and will then hold a full motorcycle license.


Direct Access

If you are confident, over 21 and feel that you want to ride a larger motorcycle as soon as possible then you can opt to undertake your Direct Access test. This test is held in exactly the same way as any other motorcycle test, the only difference being you must take your test on a motorcycle of at lease 33bhp or 35kw. This will be a much larger and heavier motorcycle, however for riders who pass the direct access they can ride any motorcycle straight away. Many riders opt to undertake the direct access test as they actually find riding a larger motorcycle easier than a smaller lighter bike. This is down to your own personal preference and wishes.


Accelerated Access

If you are under 21 you can only ride a motorcycle of under 33bhp, however you may turn 21 within your two year restriction period, for example you may have passed your test at the age of 20. If this is the case and you now want to ride a larger motorcycle you can apply for your Accelerated Access test. This will involve taking your test on a larger motorcycle and if you pass you can ride any motorcycle. However if you fail you will not lose your restricted license, it only means you are still unable to ride a larger motorcycle.




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